7 Real Estate SEO Tips: How to Improve Online Presence

Real Estate SEO Tips: How to Improve Online Presence
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: Jun 8, 2023
  • Updated on: Jun 08, 2023
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To pull in the maximum number of leads from your industry, your real estate business needs to be prepped with the right real estate SEO. This is to ensure your target audience successfully finds your business first instead of coming across your competitors.

According to the National Association of Realtors, around 43% of buyers looked online for properties as their first step. After conducting appropriate searches, buyers are more likely to open sites that appear at the top. It is the competition for the top search spots that makes real estate SEO so important.

Without further ado, let’s move on to how real estate SEO helps improve your online presence. Read on to learn the 7 tips that will get you started on your real estate SEO campaign.

7 Best Real Estate SEO Tips to Improve Your Search Ranking

1. Prioritise Keywords

When it comes to choosing your keywords, make sure you have done your share of research. Knowing the right keywords is essential as not every keyword will be beneficial for real estate SEO. After determining the keywords, you can take the appropriate steps to attract your target audience.

Utilise Google’s Keyword Planner to identify the frequently used keywords. It will also display how many of your competitors are working to gain the top rankings. Use only the relevant keywords associated with your web page; beware of keyword stuffing that can hurt your site ranking.

How to use the keywords?

You should use the keywords throughout your content, but mainly and without fail in title tags, headers, and the article body. Simply put, the keywords should be placed naturally where readers would usually look. If readers are satisfied with what is delivered to them, it will improve your real estate SEO.

Here are some of the keyword areas where you need to indulge to ensure better SEO:

  • Generic competitive terms
  • Niche terms
  • Branded terms

2. Social Media

Social media might not be the ideal place to improve your real estate SEO but it is one of the best and most highly beneficial platforms when it comes to connecting to your audience and establishing an online presence. Thus, real estate businesses must have a social media profile.

You can use social media platforms to build trust and awareness among your target audience as high traffic runs through these platforms. As they come across your post while scrolling, it is easy to guide them toward your website and convert them into customers. Not only does social media allow you to better connect with your audience but it also increases the exposure of your web page.

Use platforms according to their specialty content genres. Social media platforms like Instagram are best for promoting visual content. Facebook, on the other hand, is good at showcasing the best sales opportunities.

Focusing on the right platforms instead of all social media platforms ensures the content quality isn’t stretched out. You can also make use of hashtags and geo-targeted keywords in social media to group your content better for the target audience.

3. High-Quality Content

For real estate SEO to take off, the content displayed on your website should be of quality and originality. This is a basic rule not only for real estate but also for any other business looking to improve its SEO

Do not restrict yourself to providing text-only content as it tends to bore users very fast. Include other mediums like images or videos to captivate your readers better. Having high-quality content helps in reducing the bounce rates of the web page.

Many real estate websites use overused generic content without realising its negative impacts on real estate SEO. Saturated content hurts your ranking as Google ranks unique content better than copied content. 

Here are some tips for authentic real estate content:

  • Provide unique descriptions for each property
  • Provide a detailed company overview
  • Display company updates
  • Offer reports and research on the industry
  • Provide associated news articles
  • Display recent company transactions

4. Optimising Images

Integrating the best real estate SEO is not enough as it places you among search results that heavily rely on images. Ranking your web page among top results will not be enough as competitors that use images will still have a better edge. Images give potential customers a better idea about the topic in question than text descriptions.

Since search engine algorithms are not optimised for images, they will not process them to rank your webpage. Then, how do images work? It’s the image details that the algorithm considers to better rank your web page.

Consider these image factors to utilise your images for better web page performance:

  • Filename - Google search algorithm cannot process images. Hence, it takes into consideration the name of the image file to analyse it.
  • File format - There are many options for file formats but PNG and JPEG are highly recommended. Formats that require less size won’t drag the overall site performance down.
  • Alternative text - Under unprecedented circumstances, images might not load and in its place can be text that describes the image.

5. Writing Blogs

Writing blog posts is a good way to earn backlinks that can direct traffic back to your web page. Using blogs eliminates the need to be completely dependent on real estate SEO. Blogs can help readers be up to date with the new listings.

Include new properties which might interest readers and convert them into your potential clients. Blogs provide more opportunities for pursuing your chosen keywords. You can blog about the cost of living and facilities available with the properties.

Source: https://pixabay.com/

Note: Keep your blog posts short and direct to make them understandable to a wider audience. Utilise white spaces by limiting the paragraphs to 3 sentences. Lastly, make sure the blogs are in readable fonts at suitable font sizes.

6. SSL Certification

Gaining SSL certification is another way to enhance your real estate SEO. SSL provides better security to your clients by encrypting visitor information. It helps in ensuring the visitor information is only available to the server and not any third party.

Security is highly important as when users enter banking details, their information is at risk of being targeted by hackers. Even if the web page does not contain eCommerce elements, acquiring SSL certification is an industry standard. Just make sure the certification is obtained from trusted vendors.

Gaining SSL certification is another way to enhance your real estate SEO.

Source: https://pixabay.com/

Earn organic reviews from popular platforms like Google and Yelp. Reviews help improve your brand image and further your online presence. Good reviews are more likely to gather clicks for your web page.

7. Reviews and Citations

Do not resort to artificial or paid reviews as they can do more harm than good to your website rankings. Obtaining reviews is a simple process, which mainly requires asking the client about their experience. Adding a review section is an effective way to garner reviews or you can send an email to the customer with a link to the desired review source so that they can share their opinion.

Citations are another factor that can be used to improve ranking in local search results. Google uses business citations for ranking factors for the local search terms. Any listing of your business on the internet is a local citation.

Google often uses multiple citation sources to provide useful information to users searching for your business. Real estate directories are one of the best citation sources for the real estate industry. Directory citations can be considered as an alternative channel to gather new clients.

Fully complete citations come with your brand name, location, and contact number. Citations usually come without backlinks that can lead them back to the website. Citations with backlinks are even better as they further enhance your backlink profile.


With the right approach, you can make great use of SEO for your real estate business and take your business to the clients searching for your services. Even with too much competition, the industry has a lot of opportunities for you to leverage.

With real estate SEO, you can appear at the top in the local search results. Keep in mind that the algorithms undergo constant change and have no static structure.

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