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Salesforce Einstein

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Why You Need Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Visualize the activity across your business in the form of accurate data. Salesforce Einstein enables your business to collect data across different clouds such as Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud, thus offering you clear insights into critical data such as contacts, accounts, and campaigns across your business.

Win More Customers and Scale Your Business Easily

Instantly create detailed reports from all aspects of your CRM using Einstein Analytics.



Ensure that every inch of your Salesforce-powered processes gets the maximum out of Salesforce Einstein Analytics, with an expert at the helm. Our team can help you implement Salesforce Einstein AI and Analytics cloud in your tech stack and improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Our specialized consultation optimizes the process by:

  • Evaluating billions of data points instantly to optimize sales paths
  • Enabling AI-powered Einstein Discover to surface intelligent insights
  • Allowing the users to collaborate the insights for better forecasting
  • Improving customer service and optimizing marketing campaigns
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Let our experts hold your hand and work in conjunction with your team to implement the changes seamlessly. We work as your partners and ensure that the implementation sets your business on the path to success. Our expertise helps your organization with:

  • Providing features like lead scoring, activity capture, and insights
  • Enabling Salesforce service teams to dig deeper into insights using AI
  • Analyzing content to generate campaigns based on AI predictions
  • Facilitating existing CRM to cater to more extensive data analysis
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Feature Enablement

Reach new milestones in your business in an optimized manner. Enable a wide range of out-of-the-box features that leverage Salesforce Einstein analytics optimally to accelerate your business growth. Our team can help you enable the following features and more:

  • Einstein Bots to bring more customers to your business
  • Einstein Opportunity Scoring to close more deals
  • Einstein Custom Analytics to explore your data easily
  • Einstein Lead Scoring to increase prospect conversions
Role Management

Role Management

Put the insights you derive from Einstein Analytics to good use. We recommend extending the information about the integration with all departments and explaining how they can benefit from it. Salesforce Einstein Analytics has an impact on nearly every department in the following manner:

  • Analysts get real-time insights and make better decisions with AI and ML
  • Sales teams get a comprehensive view of pipelines to manage workflows better
  • Admins get access to optimized data sources with data management tools
  • The finance team can use data across ERP, HCM, and data warehouses

Why Choose Growth Natives As Your Salesforce Partner

  • We bring in a wealth of technological expertise with decades of collective experience.
  • You get Agile & global delivery within your budget and without any surprises.
  • Our teams are always up-to-date about any new Salesforce releases and updates.
  • We ensure that the Salesforce implementation and customization process is seamless.
  • We leverage our expertise to benefit your in-house team and provide regular support for any issues.
  • We deliver on-shore expertise at off-shore pricing and help you get the best ROI without hassle.

Case Studies

Here are studies on our latest projects which showcase our strategic skills and achievements.

Leverage Einstein Analytics With a Trusted Salesforce Partner

We enable your organization to make accurate predictions in real time and implement tailor-made solutions for your business.