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Salesforce Service Cloud

Track, manage, and respond to customer queries quickly

Why You Need Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud enables your business to automate critical business processes such as customer service, finding key articles, streamlining workflows, and accelerating response from service agents. Service cloud champions the concept of fostering fruitful marketing relationships with all customers in an omnichannel environment.

Automate Processes and Streamline Workflows Instantly

Create customer service processes that allow users to find key topics, and articles and access support teams with ease



Solve the issue of grabbing new growth opportunities with tailor-made strategies that focus on your critical business objectives. We help you envisage a customer service plan that can be adapted and scaled up as your business progresses. With our consultation, we press any or all issues your organization is facing. Our consultancy helps you with:

  • Developing the right solutions for your business
  • Creating a roadmap for strategy implementation
  • Delivering customer experience through design
  • Maintaining data integrity across all sources


Empower your systems by overcoming productivity issues while providing complete support to your sales teams to deliver an outstanding customer experience with quick case resolution. We unleash your servicing potential and help you build a lasting relationship with your customers. Our Salesforce Service Cloud implementation strategy focuses on:

  • Developing effective workflows that are in sync with your business
  • Creating and implementing an adoption strategy for customer service
  • Devising a sustainable roadmap for the foreseeable future
  • Implementing customized solutions to improve customer experience


The real purpose of customization is to develop solutions that focus on things most crucial to your organization and customer service. We help you go beyond the mass-produced platform and design it to suit your intent by providing:

  • An intuitive interface for your business operations
  • A wide range of development tools for business
  • New and improved, omnichannel applications
  • Unlimited opportunities for improvement


Achieve new efficiency levels with integrations that eliminate technological barriers, eliminate bottlenecks, and break the silos that divide systems from processes. We take charge and create integrations that streamline all your processes and improve customer relationships by:

  • Creating tailor-made integrations
  • Implementing the best device configurations
  • Leveraging tools for integrations
  • Focusing on robust API development


Advances in analytics and reporting give you unmatched insights into challenges in customer service. Leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud analytics capabilities improves productivity, boosts customer engagement, and drives the performance of your sales teams. We analyze your services to offer:

  • Quicker responses to all queries
  • Smart and actionable strategies
  • Higher levels of productivity from sales teams
  • An outstanding customer experience
Salesforce Checkup

Salesforce Checkup

Do you want to know how well your Salesforce integrations are doing with your existing tech stack? Let our certified Salesforce experts evaluate your current setup and find out how you can optimize your salesforce architecture. We go through your tech stack, analyze the development processes followed so far, check the code hygiene, and find ways to scale them up. Additionally, this checkup can help you with:

  • Determining the technical Salesforce-related risks
  • Evaluating the cost of any expansion plans
  • Leveraging technological strengths to align the CRM with your business goals
  • Increasing chances to seize future growth opportunities

Why Choose Growth Natives As Your Salesforce Partner

  • We bring in a wealth of technological expertise with decades of collective experience.
  • You get Agile & global delivery within your budget and without any surprises.
  • Our teams are always up-to-date about any new Salesforce releases and updates.
  • We ensure that the Salesforce implementation and customization process is seamless.
  • We leverage our expertise to benefit your in-house team and provide regular support for any issues.
  • We deliver on-shore expertise at off-shore pricing and help you get the best ROI without hassle.

Case Studies

Here are studies on our latest projects which showcase our strategic skills and achievements.

Maximize Customer Service Results with a Trusted Salesforce Partner

We offer advanced productivity improvement tools that allow you to track, manage and respond promptly to customer requests.