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Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Unlock new revenue sources with Salesforce Commerce integrations

Why You Need Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Integrate the world’s leading B2B and B2C commerce solution into your Salesforce CRM and create unified buying experiences across social media, store, mobile, or web channels. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant and versatile cloud-based commerce solution that can be customized for businesses across industries.

Inspire Your Shoppers With Seamless Ecommerce Experiences

Create performance-oriented and agile Commerce cloud solutions with the world’s best CRM

Visual Design

Visual Design

Delight your customers with an engaging design that offers an excellent commerce experience every time they shop. Our customer-centric approach to developing commerce solutions helps in laying the foundation for omnichannel purchase options. We provide solutions that include:

  • Finding out the scope and requirements for your business
  • Creating comprehensive wireframes based on the discovery
  • Building the front end of the project based on your requirements
  • Developing and configuring the final instance post-approval
Omni-Channel Strategy

Omni-Channel Strategy

Facilitate customer experience across web, mobile, brick and mortar stores, social media, and other points of commerce all the way through shopping to post-sales service. Our Salesforce commerce cloud solutions offer you all the tools and capabilities needed to integrate processes for an omnichannel strategy. With our expertise, we can:

  • Integrating POS into the cloud to drive store innovation
  • Delivering shopping experience to customers from anywhere
  • Streamlining store management and optimize operations
  • Uniting your brand’s appearance across online and offline platforms
Site Management & Optimization

Site Management & Optimization

Improve the visibility of your website with an attractive and easy-to-navigate interface that ticks all the boxes. Our site optimization tools are designed to optimize your website to attract more traffic and guide the customers to make purchase decisions on instinct. We follow a comprehensive management approach that focuses on:

  • Monitoring the site regularly to ensure its proper functioning
  • Timely resolving the bugs detected, followed by enhancements
  • Doing a design refresh of your site based on new trends
  • Testing the site and optimizing it for performance holistically
Commerce Cloud Integration

Commerce Cloud Integration

Seamlessly integrate your product information management or media asset management systems with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We enable you to incorporate the commerce cloud with various third-party technologies and optimize the ecommerce experience for your customers. Our experts work to make the integrations immune to failures.

  • Conducting system integration processes regularly
  • Implementing customized warehousing and ERP integrations
  • Customizing the integrations for your business for all systems
  • Deploying integrations for various ERP, RMS, and warehouse systems

Why Choose Growth Natives As Your Salesforce Partner

  • We bring in a wealth of technological expertise with decades of collective experience.
  • You get Agile & global delivery within your budget and without any surprises.
  • Our teams are always up-to-date about any new Salesforce releases and updates.
  • We ensure that the Salesforce implementation and customization process is seamless.
  • We leverage our expertise to benefit your in-house team and provide regular support for any issues.
  • We deliver on-shore expertise at off-shore pricing and help you get the best ROI without hassle.

Case Studies

Here are studies on our latest projects which showcase our strategic skills and achievements.

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