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Salesforce Experience Cloud

Creating experiences for the new age customers

Why You Need Salesforce Experience Cloud

Built on the Salesforce platform, the Salesforce Experience Clouds enable your company to create well-connected CRM-powered digital experiences. It connects all your digital platforms like mobile applications, websites, portals, and brick-and-mortar stores onto a single platform. You can use this platform to create and deliver content to multiple platforms in seconds.

Deliver Connected Digital Experiences Instantly

Maximize your ROI by building technical communities that champion collaboration

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Maximize the benefits you are deriving from your Salesforce architecture with our team of experts catering to your needs and offering the necessary consultation. Elevate your business to the next level with a consultancy that helps with:

  • Creating an actionable blueprint in synch with your business goals
  • Establishing very clear metrics with TCO and ROI analysis
  • Making KPIs visible on dashboards for improved decision-making
  • Doing goal analysis, persona indemnification, and benchmarking
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Community Design

Don’t underestimate the power of comprehensive road maps. Our UX designers sketch out experience models that map out your internal process and document the entirety of your architecture in well-sorted documents. With our community design services, you will be able to:

  • Resolve issues like unoptimized navigation and unresponsive design
  • Enable better personalization by creating a UI that catches customer attention
  • Improve the accessibility with an easy-to-use interface and robust functionality
  • Create multiple communities within a common platform for a great user experience
Community Implementation

Community Implementation

Set up communities quickly and use our out-of-the-box templates that can be customized as per your brand elements and content. Establish a deeper connection with your customers and deliver a rich experience every time they interact with your brand. Our implementation strategy helps your business with:

  • Configuring your community features and extensive role mapping
  • Implementing custom integrations with ERP, social media, and third-party solutions
  • Bringing vendors, agencies, suppliers, and others together on a common platform
  • Identifying and implementing critical success KPIs in synch with business goals
Development & Support

Development & Support

Do not just stick to writing code. Rather, go under interactions based on a loop of feedback from customers. We help your business by providing continuous updates to improve the productivity of your operations. We follow industry best practices to provide technical support at all times. Our solution also helps you with:

  • Conducting detailed data analysis and cleansing
  • Reviewing code quality for security and legal compliance
  • Testing the tools across different platforms and devices
  • Tracking parameters beyond service availability and performance

Why Choose Growth Natives As Your Salesforce Partner

  • We bring in a wealth of technological expertise with decades of collective experience.
  • You get Agile & global delivery within your budget and without any surprises.
  • Our teams are always up-to-date about any new Salesforce releases and updates.
  • We ensure that the Salesforce implementation and customization process is seamless.
  • We leverage our expertise to benefit your in-house team and provide regular support for any issues.
  • We deliver on-shore expertise at off-shore pricing and help you get the best ROI without hassle.

Case Studies

Here are studies on our latest projects which showcase our strategic skills and achievements.

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