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Drive Customer Demands and Maximized Growth with Eloqua Investments

Determine the best Eloqua strategy for your business and get the most out of your system: right from inception to execution to reporting.

Oracle Eloqua - A Complete Solution for Accelerating Marketing

Maximize revenue potential with omnichannel experience, buyer persona creation, and segmentation that delivers growth with every campaign you run by ensuring:

  • Seamless email campaign management
  • Business intelligence
  • Advanced means of personalization
  • Exhaustive CRM/CMS integrations
  • Extensive training opportunities for maximizing platform use

Drive your Business’ Revenue Impact with Our Top-Notch Eloqua Services

Convert more B2B leads and take your Eloqua deployment to the next level working with our team of Martech experts.


Eloqua Consulting Services

Achieve strategic digital marketing direction for your team from our Eloqua experts. Innovate and evolve in your business operation and develop demand creation strategies specifically for your projects

  • Marketing and sales alignment
  • Lead management framework
  • Campaign nurture execution
  • Eloqua platform management

Eloqua Implementation Services

Implement your Eloqua Marketing Automation strategy by laying the groundwork for scalable, long-term business success.Work together with a skilled MarTech partner to create, set up, test, and deploy your Eloqua system.

  • High-performing templates
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Target process redesign
  • CRM integration to align sales

Eloqua Migration Services

If you're new to Oracle or looking for an upgrade to the latest database version, our migration specialists can make your on-premise migration a straightforward experience, removing the complexity and time-consuming elements of the process from your team.

  • Detailed execution plan
  • Import/export all assets
  • Data cleaning and contact migration
  • Compliance and quality check

Reporting and Analytics

Understand the impact of marketing and sales efforts on your business by putting analytics at the core. Harness years of expertise in Eloqua's best practices to find masterfully executed Analytics and Reporting.

  • Eloqua insight-setup
  • Campaign measurement and planning
  • 3rd party reporting tools & integrations
  • Real-time dashboards & automated reports

Eloqua Audit Services

Are you using Eloqua to its full potential? Partnering with us will help you reset your Eloqua approach. Allow our experts to conduct a thorough analysis of all the tools in your Eloqua suite to pinpoint the main areas that require improvement.

  • Review the landing pages, forms, processes, and sequences.
  • Determine any loopholes in the buyer personas.
  • Review campaign segmentation and personalization.
  • automate processes and reduce the lead cycle

Case Studies

Our customers worldwide are harnessing the true power of their marketing automation instances. Here are a few examples of why they are proud of having partnered with us.

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