How Will ChatGPT Shape Up SEO and Digital Marketing

ChatGPT Shape Up SEO and Digital Marketing
  • By Sakshi Arora,
    Published on: May 18, 2023
  • Updated on: Jun 14, 2023
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

ChatGPT has got everyone in the digital world worked up. From the tech titans at Google to the average content marketer, everyone is wary of this new AI-powered technology that can do what humans can, and that too in a fraction of the time.We have already covered the basics of ChatGPT and what it can do in an earlier blog. Some call it the Google Search killer, while others see it as a shortcut to creating content and writing codes.

If you are a digital marketer, you will find yourself in unfamiliar territory with ChatGPT. It can do most of the things you do to run a campaign. Let's take the example of this content piece that you are reading.

It has taken a few hours of research, writing, and proofing before it is worthy of publishing. Technically ChatGPT can generate the same amount of grammatically correct content within minutes.

Unless you have a keen eye for spotting signs of AI-generated content, you are unlikely to know a human hasn't written it.  

What Can ChatGPT Do?

We have already seen conversational chatbots, but ChatGPT is different as it can ease the lives of digital marketers or worsen them, depending on whom you ask. It is programmed to run independently based on the instructions provided by the user. It surpasses the limitations of earlier-generation AI-powered content tools. 

Most content generators use the web to rephrase existing content. However, ChatGPT can create content on its own without any reference. It works like a human brain, using fundamental knowledge and applying it to different tasks.

For instance, a potter doesn't learn to make specific pots, vases, and dishes. They gather knowledge of working with clay and can use the same to create functional and decorative pieces with clay. They don't need a reference and translate their ideas into reality. 

Marketers are already experimenting with content and codes generated using ChatGPT. The content generated using ChatGPT is unique and free of errors as it has been written from a human perspective. Let's look at how it affects the SEO and digital marketing industry and how marketers may respond. 

How Can ChatGPT Affect SEO and Digital Marketing?

For starters, it can do most of the things marketers do in their campaigns. From creating content to writing social media posts and fixing coding errors. Does that signal job loss where there is no need for large marketing teams to manage campaigns?

Technically yes, and many of the tasks that need hours of human effort, this AI tool can accomplish in the blink of an eye. Here are some of the possibilities with ChatGPT in SEO campaigns. 

  • It can create rich and engaging blogs, targeting highly searched keywords. It can analyse and summarise complex topics. 
  • It can conduct keyword research effortlessly and help you find the most relevant keywords for your campaign. 
  • The text data feature on ChatGPT can generate all kinds of content, including eBooks, information blogs, and infographics. 
  • It can outperform human humans in dealing with high-demand content such as FAQs and generate traffic for a website  
  • It can manage customer support for any marketing campaign independently. Its response to messages and queries is as natural as any human agent. 

Limitations of ChatGPT

All these don't sound good for content creators, do they? But ChatGPT has its limitations. A business can't manage an SEO content marketing campaign with ChatGPT alone.

Here are some of the limitations of ChatGPT: 

#Current Events

In its current form, ChatGPT is of little use in creating content around current events. The AI tool has its knowledge base limited to events till 2021.

Hence, you cannot use it to create relevant content on recent events. For instance, if you wish to write a detailed piece on the 2022 Twitter Saga after Elon Musk's takeover, ChatGPT cannot be your go-to tool. 

#In-Built Biases

OpenAI has built this language to make it helpful, truthful, and harmless for the audience. Though well-intended, this has ingrained biases in this tool where the final output avoids negativity. There are no-go areas for this tool as far as creating content is concerned.

For example, you cannot create content around violence, explicit sex, etc., with this tool. Hence, you cannot create content pieces critical of a product, business model, or old technology, which content creators must do as part of their daily job. 

#Detailed Instructions

Ask ChatGPT for tea, and it can deliver you tea leaves instead of the freshly brewed tea you are craving! The point we are trying to make here is that your instructions to ChatGPT must be detailed to generate quality content pieces. Hence, it cannot independently generate excellent content. 

Will ChatGPT Kill SEO?

It is unlikely to kill SEO and all thanks to Google. The search engine isn't a big fan of AI-generated content and continuously penalises websites using AI-generated content. Google's algorithm is powerful enough to detect AI-generated content.

Such content doesn't add to a website's SEO score and can instead harm it and bring down its rankings. 

However, ChatGPT has surpassed the limitations of other content generators, and hence it can bypass the algorithmic detection of Google. We have already had some marketers claim great success with rankings from content generated using this AI tool. 

Irrespective of how fast and efficient ChatGPT is, it won't match the intelligence of humans. Hence businesses cannot rely on them entirely to run their campaigns or generate unique and informative content.

At best, it will be a good tool for marketers, aiding them in content marketing campaigns. Here are some of the possibilities with ChatGPT in SEO – 

  • Use it for in-depth keyword research, especially when it comes to generating tedious long-tail keyword suggestions
  • Generate Meta Descriptions & Titles for your content in multiple variations and choose the best 
  • Create compelling headlines for blogs and have them vetted by a copywriter 
  • Create generic long-form blogs. Have them proof-read to do away with inconsistencies and misleading information before publishing
  • Generating social media posts for regular engagement activity

Final Thoughts

AI-generated content will be widely used in digital marketing in the future as ChatGPT, and its likes gain popularity. ChatGPT won't signal the end of SEO, and digital marketers will still have their hands full of tasks in managing campaigns.

However, they will still need a human touch – from feeding the right inputs to editing or formatting. Hence, SEO marketers don't need to worry about ChatGPT and instead look at it as a handy tool that can streamline their campaigns. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will drive marketing campaigns in the future, and we have already seen their wide adoption with marketing automation. To leverage this Digital trend, you need a partner that has its foot in this territory.

At Growth Natives, we use AI-powered tools in marketing campaigns to boost growth and increase ROI. To discuss the possibilities, write to us at or call on +61 477-761-438

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