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Ensure Peak Performance of Your Pardot Instance

Implement and scale your Pardot operations with certified Pardot administrators & consultants by your side. Growth Natives is your partner throughout the Pardot adoption process. Let your extended Pardot team build, deploy, manage, measure and scale your marketing campaigns. Focus your time and efforts on marketing strategy and planning while leaving Pardot operations to Growth Natives.

Pardot Operations Services

Manage, deploy, and monitor your Pardot campaigns for maximum impact.

Planning & Implementation

Accelerate your marketing & sales success with proper implementation of the Pardot marketing automation suite. Allow us to help you with the planning, execution, and implementation of Pardot instance.

  • Pardot account setup including website servers
  • Old campaigns migration from previously used system
  • Design & redesign the workflows and processes
  • Pardot to CRM and other technology stack integrations
  • Importing lead/contacts to Pardot & setup of relevant processes
Email Templates & Marketing Campaigns

Customized emails and other assets are always more effective in Pardot. We can help you improve your Pardot user experience by creating engaging and responsive landing pages and email templates.

  • Designing, coding & integrating landing pages
  • Building and organizing email campaign assets in Pardot for high engagement
  • Best practices based Pardot template for running campaigns such as webinars and demos
Internal Team Training & Workshops

Get customized Pardot training for your internal teams. We empower your team for effectively optimizing lead management and handling customer lifecycle communications in Pardot.

  • On-site Pardot training
  • On-demand live training sessions on use of Pardot
  • Written modules and resources for your Pardot instance
  • Quick start with Recorded sessions for onboarding new team members
Pardot Instance Audit and Optimization Plan

Get certified Pardot consultants to conduct thorough health audits and provide insights to optimize your Pardot roadmap and strategy

  • Get an in-depth review of your Pardot instance
  • Remove irrelevant processes or data
  • Implement data normalization & management
  • Streamline procedures for speedy Pardot performance
Performance Tracking & Reports

Powerful reporting and analytics enabled for your Pardot Instance. Our team of Pardot experts will deliver business intelligence insights to help you make better decisions.

  • Set up customized campaign reports in Pardot
  • Insights for benchmarking and improving campaign performance
  • Identify opportunities to accelerate revenue
  • Custom CMO dashboards from Pardot and CRM data
Better Alignment of Sales and Marketing

Build automation of your sales and marketing workflows using Pardot. Close the gap between sales and marketing team collaboration by integrating your Pardot implementation with your CRM. Build a leak-proof funnel in Pardot and your Sales automation system.

  • Sale and marketing funnel definition and agreement
  • Proper flow of inbound marketing leads using Pardot
  • Optimize and reduce the lead attack time
  • Sales support assets for the middle and bottom of the funnel
GDPR / CASL / CCPA Compliance

Ensure compliance with Privacy laws like GDPR / CASL / CCPA for marketing communications using Pardot. Take consumer privacy game seriously and use Pardot to help implement it.

  • Engage with customers using Pardot with confidence and transparency
  • Comply with communications laws and privacy standards you set
  • Ensure GDPR Compliance via Pardot
Pardot Operations Optimization and Tech Stack

Implement best practices based marketing and CRM processes leveraging certified Pardot experts.

  • Pardot process optimization
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your Pardot Instance
  • Suggesting and implementation of best practices to suit your goals

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