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Why Migrate Your Google Analytics Setup From UA to GA4?

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Track Across Both App & Web

Earlier, we had to use Google analytics for website tracking and firebase for app tracking. But now, with the help of GA4, you can do it both together in one place.

Enhanced Measurements For Certain Types Of Events

Enhanced Measurements For Certain Types Of Events

Earlier, GA was able to just track basic events automatically and all other events had to be set up manually using GA and GTM. Now, you can automate tracking for certain types of events like scroll tracking, outbound clicks, video engagement, and tracking file downloads.

Free Connection To BigQuery

Free Connection To BigQuery

Unlike GA3, A free connection to BigQuery is included with GA4. You can now export BigQuery's raw event-level data for free, which is very useful when you want to connect GA4 with an external data source. Earlier this feature was only available to GA360 customers.

GA Comes With Exploration Report Templates

GA Comes With Exploration Report Templates

GA offers various sets of reporting templates, named ‘Explorations’ which help you in doing advanced data analysis. Earlier, only GA 360 customers could leverage ‘Exploration’ report templates.

Conversion Tracking Simplified

Conversion Tracking Simplified

Conversion tracking setup has become much simpler in GA4 as compared to GA3 as here in GA4 you can easily mark any logged event as a conversion. This is something that is not possible with GA3 as it restricts the number of conversions you can track per reporting view to 20.

Cross-Domain Tracking Setup Made Easy

Cross-Domain Tracking Setup Made Easy

With GA4 setting up cross-domain tracking has become easier as we don’t require any additional tagging. You can easily do it by configuring your domains in the admin section.

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Existing site owners
Existing site owners

Migrate to GA4 if you want to take ownership for attribution tagging.

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New site owners

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Growth Natives Approach to GA4 Implementation

Level up your website data analysis with our approach to Google Analytics 4 implementation. Our team of experts has successfully completed 150+ GA4 migrations, and we will make the transition seamless for you.

Google Analytics 4 Migration Cost

Determine the cost of migrating our google analytics setup from UA to GA4.

Google Analytics 4 Migration Cost

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Frequently Asked Questions

GA4 comes with new advanced features like:

  • Cross-domain tracking
  • GA4 provides more control
  • Custom reports
  • New & advanced funnel analysis
  • Aggregated data streams

With Google Analytics 4, organizations and marketers may achieve a number of essential goals, including the unification of cross-platform data and the provision of additional customer data after the original customer acquisition, including engagement, monetization, and retention.

Yes GA4 is better as it has more enhanced real-time reporting which enables you to drill down your data and analyze what individual users are doing on your website (or app).

Google Analytics 4 is replacing Universal Analytics. On July 1, 2023, all standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits. 360 Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits on July 1, 2024. If you have a Universal Analytics property, you must make the switch to GA4.

Unlike UA, GA4 allows you to track across both web & app, offers enhanced measurement abilities for certain types of events, and also makes cross-domain tracking much more simple.

On July 1, 2023, standard UA properties will stop working and will be replaced by GA4. We recommend migrating to GA4 today.